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Inserts / Riders
Many people ask us why these products are called inserts by some companies and riders by others, when they seem to be the same product. In fact, they are the same product. The reason for the different names is that inserts are inserted into the top, or bottom of slip-in frames. Riders are either bolted on to a steel frame, or hung from the bottom of your sign or in the groove of a wood post, thus, riding on the sign.

We offer various Stock Riders in 24 Gauge Steel for Edina. These Riders come with 4 Holes for hanging or bolting to your Steel Frames. See Magnetic Signs to add Magnetic Number Strips. These will allow you to change the time on your Open Sun. or Open Sat. Steel Stock Riders.


Edina Realty 6X24 Hardboard Stock Inserts
Edina Realty 6X24 Hardboard Stock Inserts ANY STK6X24_H_83 real estate rider
Edina Realty 6x24 Steel Stock Riders
Edina Realty 6x24 Steel Stock Riders ANY STK6X24_83 real estate rider

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