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Real Estate Sign products for Diversified Signs by Dee Sign

Weathering times are based on normal weather conditions in most of the U.S.A. If you are in a salt water area, have chemical air pollution, or other special conditions, you will have shorten sign life.

Damage to sign that breaks the paint surface, or a sign lying on the ground will shorten the life of the sign.

Hardboard - our most popular and economic material; 3/16" thick, tempered and tough. Should weather for 12 to 18 months. We coat the edges and face surfaces with top quality coatings. Works best in slip-in sign frames.

Expanded PVC - Best suited for wet climates, as moisture will not affect longevity. Should weather 12-18 months. Will break if struck force. Works great in slip-in frames.

.150 Polyethylene - Tough to break. Should weather 36 months. Polyethylene bows, sometime quite a bit. If this concerns you, please choose a different material.

.063 Aluminum - our best sign material. Extra thick and extremely rigid. Should weather 36 months. An excellent choice for all climates. Works well in bolt-in and slip-in frames.

.063 Reflective Aluminum - keep your signs working 24 hours a day! We use highly reflective film on our best sign material.

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