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No Bolts!, No Screws, They're Easier to Use

Dee Sign metal frames use a slip-in system with loops to hold the main sign panels in the frame. These loops are punched in the angle iron steel and are indestructible. Our frames are offered in 3/4" x 3/4" (Standard 200 series) and 1" x 1" angle construction (Heavy Duty 100 series). Our Durabond LTE or HD sign panels easily slip in and out of the frames when they need to be replaced. Riders can be changed from "For Sale" to "Sold" in seconds with ease. They are held in the top and/or bottom by heat-treated spring steel clips. Dee Sign held the original patent on these frames and has been the industry standard for more than 50 years. Never again worry about finding the right size nuts and bolts, or losing them in the grass while assembling your bolt-in frames.

Powder-coated frames in black or white — at Dee Sign, we finish all our metal frames with outdoor-durable, powder-coated paint. Powder coating is the same technology used to paint automobiles and outdoor furniture. There is no better paint finish on the market, and the technology has allowed Dee Sign to be the leader in the industry — adding this high-quality finish to our metal frame products. Custom colors are also available upon request for large independent companies or brands.

Independent Real Estate Bolt-in Metal Yard Signs

As an alternative to using other yard sign suppliers, in 1993, Dee Sign started offering Bolt-In Frames. These frames have hole locations that match up to several different popular locations from our competitors. The most popular is 17" & 14.5" apart at top and bottom. Unless otherwise specified, these are the hole locations used on these models.

All of our models are available with holes, and use traditional, thinner bolt in materials such as 24 gauge steel or .040 Aluminum. This allows you to use Dee Sign, even if you previously purchased signs from a different yard sign company. These models also have hammer extensions that extend above the top of the frame to use a rubber mallet for pounding into the ground.

NOTE: Please measure the hole locations in the frames you currently have and verify the locations are 17" & 14.5. If they are different, please let us know and we will customize the placement for you.






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