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    Real Estate Sign and Frame with 20x24 Polyethylene Sign

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#980 Polyethylene Sign Includes:

FRAME48" high. made of 1"x 1"x 1/8" steel angle. Powder coated black or white to enhance their appearance and durability. Foot bar is 10" from bottom. Main Panel is 20 1/2"H. x 24" W. .05 Polyethylene (it bows).

With our #970 and #980 models we include a plastic box that gives a thick post appearance (as shown above). This is simply a 3 1/2" wide white plastic box that neatly fits between the footbar and the bottom of the panel. It has no structural advantages, and is just an appearance enhancement. #975 weighs 1 lb. If you do not want this thick post appearance, deduct $1.00 per sign from the #970 and #980 prices above.
.05 Polyethylene Sign Inserts 6"x 18" can be bolted to the bottom of panel, or at the top of panel to either cover the top copy or to extend up in the air above the top of the sign. Holes are 14" apart and are in 3/8" from the top and bottom edge of inserts. Inserts are $6.65 each for 5-9 identical, $5.85 each for 10-24, $4.75 each for 25-49, $4.10 each for 50-99, and $3.70 for 100 or more identical, printed on 2 sides, in white+1 color, with any artwork you wish. Two bolts are included with each set of two inserts ordered.
Stock inserts 6"x 18" .05 polyethylene, four rounded corners, two holes at top 14" apart, two holes at bottom 14" apart, printed both sides, only as shown. Two bolts are included with each set of two inserts.
Some stickers will work with this sign material. Panel and frame come assembled.

Model IND980

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