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    Custom Designed Double Rider Yard Sign

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Custom Yard Sign & Double Rider Frame
24 x 24 Inch Panel with 50 Inch High Frame

"Dear Robin, I just wanted to say I got my Taylor Properties sailboat signs Monday of this week and they look really great...even better than I expected. You did wonderful work on this. Thank you for putting in the extra effort required to make all the customizations and answer my questions. I am a very satisfied Dee Sign customer. Feel free to share this email with whomever you wish. Management and other customers should know that folks like you make a business a success." - Todd Grimm, Taylor Properties

Model IND250

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  Black No Add'l Charge
  White No Add'l Charge
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  Durabond LTE No Add'l Charge
  Durabond HD $4.25 ea.
  Reflective Durabond HD $21.20 ea.
  .063" Aluminum $13.15 ea.
  Hammer extensions $0.80 ea.
  8 Inches taller (58 inches total) $1.40 ea.
  1 Inch angle legs $1.60 ea.
  1 inch angle throughout $2.00 ea.
  Scroll Top $4.40 ea.
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