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    Custom Designed 24"H x 24"W
    Bolt-In Yard Sign

    Our Model 003 Custom Printed Yard Sign Features Include:

  • Main Panel - 24"H x 24"W, printed on both sides in your choice of various sign materials.

  • Bolt-in Sign Frame - Powder-coated in your choice of white or black. Sign panels bolt in using fiber locking screws and nuts

  • Top Rider Space - A special feature rider or name rider can be held securely in place on top of this frame.

  • Protective UV Clearcoat included!

  • More Options - extend the lifetime & durability of your signs with options to suit your needs

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#003 24 x 24 Metal Round Rod Yard Sign Frame Holder Price Includes:

HEAVY DUTY 1/2" ROUND ROD FRAME 50" Powder coated black or white to enhance their appearance and durability.

MAIN PANEL 24"x 24"- 24 Gauge Steel with galvanized coating underneath, and printed identically on both sides. They are held in place with four fiber locking screws and nuts. Metal round rod yard sign frame inserts may be attached on top or bottom of the frame using wing nuts.

CREATIVE PERSONALIZED ARTWORK Designed specially for you, at no extra cost.

Model IND003

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  White No Add'l Charge
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  Durabond LTE No Add'l Charge
  Durabond HD $4.25 ea.
  Reflective Durabond HD $21.20 ea.
  24-Gauge Steel $5.25 ea.
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