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    White & Gray

    Draw attention to your open houses!

  • Eye-catching movement - our pennant flags are designed to flutter in the wind. The image below is to illustrate the color, Logo or text on the flag. They are not rigid.

  • No tools necessary for assembly. Choose tall poles for free standing use and half height poles for addition to your a-frame open house signs.

  • Highest quality - Knitted polyester fabric with your choice of metal or PVC poles

  • Increase buyer traffic at your next open house by as much as 50%

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White & Gray
Pennant Flags

Draw attention to your open houses!


Quantity   (Note price breaks where applicable)


  1/2 height metal pole for our MSFS & MA30 A-frames No Add'l Charge
  1/2 height PVC pole for our APV A-frames No Add'l Charge
  70" high metal pole for stand alone use $3.00 ea.
  67" high PVC pole for stand alone use $3.00 ea.

Current Total: $ 11.10
Price is merchandise only - Shipping & Tax (if applicable) is Additional.

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