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    Do you ever need space on your Dee Sign Frames for an extra top insert?
    We have an easy, inexpensive option for you. Just Purchase a topper It fits easily over the top of our frames-No bolts, No screws! Just slide your insert in from the end (as long as if there is on obstruction on top).

    Other sizes also available call for details

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Choose a Frame Color
  Black No Add'l Charge
  White No Add'l Charge
Frame and Panel Choices
  6x24 Topper for 24 wide frames No Add'l Charge
  6x30 Topper for 30 wide frames No Add'l Charge
  6x36 Topper for 36 wide frames $0.15 ea.
  6x28 Topper for 28 wide frames No Add'l Charge
  6x18 Topper for 18 wide frames No Add'l Charge

Current Total: $ 13.62
Price is merchandise only - Shipping & Tax (if applicable) is Additional.
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