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The Ultimate Brochure Box

We put our 50+ years of experience into these exclusive features:

  • Spring loaded lid, - snaps shut after it's opened. No more wet or damp brochures!

  • Clear, stylish front allows your 8-1/2" x 11" brochures to be fully displayed. Customers can clearly see inside the box, even from their cars.

  • Absolutely tough - constructed of polycarbonate (material used for hockey helmets). Will not crack in cold winter temperatures or yellow in strong summer sun.

  • Attached easily - we have seven different clamps available to accommodate any style yard sign. Angle frames, wood posts, aluminum posts, round rod and stakes - we've got you covered. No holes needed!


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    Choose A Material
      White Lid No Add'l Charge
      Black Lid No Add'l Charge
    Frame and Panel Choices
      3/4 Angle Frame Clamp No Add'l Charge
      880 / 860 Post Hanger No Add'l Charge
      840 Post Clamp No Add'l Charge
      Stake Hardware No Add'l Charge
      880 Old Post Hardware No Add'l Charge
      860 Old Post Hardware No Add'l Charge

    Current Total: $29.95
    Price is merchandise only - Shipping & Tax (if applicable) is Additional.

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