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    Real Estate Sign Light
    With Solar-Powered LEDs

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How many potential buyers drive past your for sale signs in the dark and never notice them? Don't miss out on valuable traffic after sunset. Make your name visible 24/7. Light up your signs.

Dee Sign is proud to offer high-quality, solar-powered real estate sign lights. Simply switch the unit to active mode and attach it to any type of sign frame. When the sun sets in the evening, the LED lights automatically activate and stay lit for hours. In the morning, the daylight sensor disables the lights and begins recharging the lithium-ion battery for the next evening. The durable, watertight enclosure is made from strong ABS plastic with UV inhibitors to prevent cracking or fading from direct sunlight over time.

  • Dimenisions - Each LED sign light is 12-inches long, 1-inch tall, and 1.25-inches wide. They’re large enough to illuminate your entire sign but compact enough to fit on virtually any size sign panel.

  • Installation - Every sign light arrives with 3M® Command™ Outdoor Strips attached. Before installing, ensure the surface to which you are attaching the light is clean, flat, and dry. Simply peel the backing film away from the included 3M® Command™ Strips to expose their adhesive and press and hold firmly in place for 30 seconds. That’s it! Your sign light is now secure and fully functioning.

  • No Batteries Required - You never need to change the batteries in your sign light. Our real estate sign lights don’t require batteries because they’re solar-powered. The small solar panels on top of the light charge the light during the day, so it’s ready to illuminate your sign throughout the evening.

  • Durability - Each solar-powered real estate sign light goes through a rigorous quality control process before leaving our facility. The enclosure is watertight and impervious to dust and moisture. Our LED lights are made of high-quality ABS plastic with UV protection, so sunlight will not cause them to crack or fade over time.

  • Please keep in mind that a separate light is needed to illuminate each side of your sign. Order two LED lights if you want to light both sides of your sign.

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