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Independent Real Estate Bolt-in Metal Yard Signs

As an alternative to using other yard sign suppliers, in 1993, Dee Sign started offering Bolt-In Frames. These frames have hole locations that match up to several different popular locations from our competitors. The most popular is 17" & 14.5" apart at top and bottom. Unless otherwise specified, these are the hole locations used on these models.

All of our models are available with holes, and use traditional, thinner bolt in materials such as 24 gauge steel or .040 Aluminum. This allows you to use Dee Sign, even if you previously purchased signs from a different yard sign company. These models also have hammer extensions that extend above the top of the frame to use a rubber mallet for pounding into the ground.

NOTE: Please measure the hole locations in the frames you currently have and verify the locations are 17" & 14.5. If they are different, please let us know and we will customize the placement for you.

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