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VM Rail Track - $87.77

This 43.25" aluminum rail track is designed to allow hanging your display panels at any point along the track. Connector pins, end caps and seam covers are included with each track allowing installers to connect multiple tracks together. Track can be installed on any flat surface above windows, on ceilings, or walls. Multiple pieces of track can be easily connected for larger window runs or cut with a hacksaw to accommodate smaller areas. VM Rail Track is designed to be used with all double sided, cable suspended hanging panels; VM-ONE EDGE, VM-TWO ALLURE, VM-TWO BOLD, IMAX ELEGANCE, and C2 MAX.

Column Cable Kit - $35.35

Set of 2 chrome column rail track fixtures with 2 ultra-thin 9' aircraft cables. These stylish fixtures have 90 degree hanging capability. The chrome fixtures are identified with blue (negative) and red (positive) colors. 9' cable is used to hang the first display in column and trimmed above fixture once install height is established. Extended cable lengths are available.

Power Box 150 watt- $146.28

The Power Box is a 150W secured power supply with a streamlined design. Each Box has on/off switch and 2 output ports with 2 cables which connect to rail track. Box comes complete with AC cord and use 110V outlet.

Inter-panel mini-cable set - $3

These steel cables act as conductors between each panel and are sold by pair. We offer three different cable lengths that will allow you to adjust the spacing between your panels to fit the size of your window display.

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