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3/16" Hardboard... our most popular and economic material, is
3/16" thick, tempered and tough. It should weather outdoors for 12
to 18 months. We use hardboard and then coat the edges
and flat surfaces with top quality paints. Over 75% of Dee Sign
customers choose hardboard because with all hazards that signs
must endure, many are lost, damaged or stolen before they wear out.

Upgraded materials: Steel, Polyethylene, Aluminum, Reflective Aluminum, Corrugated Plastic, Durabond

24 gauge Steel... should weather 36 months. Zinc coated underneath. Excellent material. Recommended for swinging signs. Will rust if paint and zinc undercoating are damaged.

.10 Polyethylene... should weather 36 months. Tough to break. Recommended for hanging signs. Polyethylene bows, sometimes quite a lot. If it will bother you, please choose a different material. We do not want to replace your signs later due to bowing. Also available in .150 thickness, which was the same characteristics.

.063" Aluminum... should weather 36 months. Extra thick aluminum is extremely rigid. Excellent material; recommended for swinging signs. White areas reflect car lights at night. Will not rust.

.063" Reflective Aluminum... should weather 36 months. Extra thick aluminum is extremely rigid. Excellent material; recommended for swinging signs. White area reflect car lights at night. Will not rust.

Corrugated Plastic... should weather 12 months. Very lightweight, tough to break, but does bend easily along the flutes; somewhat translucent. Recommended only for Open House or Directional signs.

Durabond... should weather 36 months. It is an aluminum composite material on two sides of a polyethylene core. Will not rust or break! Works well in frames and excellent for hanging.

Estimates of longevity are based on normal weather conditions in most of the U.S.A. Salt water, chemical air pollution, or other special conditions, will shorten sign life. Breaking the paint surface, or leaving a sign lying on the ground (which is generally why one side deteriorates much more than the other) will also shorten the life of your sign. Dee offers many different panel materials to meet your needs. All our materials are of the highest quality. Each material is different, so let us help you select the material that best suits you, Call us with your questions about materials.

Different materials are available for signs (see below). Panels are printed on both sides. Deduct 10¢ per print color if printed on one side only. Standard backgrounds are white, our lemon yellow, our primrose yellow, Dee beige, or Dee Grey. For any other background, add one extra cost. Varnish coat is 60¢ per panel.

Rounded corners are standard with Steel and Aluminum panels. Rounded corners on hardboard or polyethylene add 60¢.

Please keep in mind when your Aluminum Sign eventually
becomes unusable, aluminum is recyclable.

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